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Pneumatic Series Products
Jikai Equipment - Pneumatic Series Products
CMS1-300/6Q Hydraulic Drilling Rig
CMS1-300/6Q hydraulic drilling rig is all-in-one solution for bolting support, cable fix and gas detect & drainage. With air powered and fully hydraulic operati...
CMS1-300/30Q Coal Mine Pneumatic Deep Hole Drilling Jumbo
CMS1-300/30Q coal mine pneumatic deep hole drilling jumbo is a sort of compressed air driving, track-mounted
CMS1-400/40Q1 Pneumatic Drill Rig
CMS1-400/40Q1 pneumatic drill rig is anchor support and gas drainage equipment ,used for coal gas or water detection.
ZQJC-360/8.0 Pneumatic Bracket Drilling Rig
ZQJC-360/8.0 pneumatic bracket drilling rig driven by compressed air, used for exploring water and gas, pressure release and geological exploration.
ZQJ-300/6 Pneumatic Bracket Drilling Machine
ZQJ-300/6 Pneumatic Bracket Drilling Machine is widely used in coal mine projects such as water detection hole drilling
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